What is T-Res?

T-Res enables learners and instructors to efficiently record and evaluate their activities using a mobile device or web browser.

T-Res Evaluation Workflow

Learners enter their experiences, including skills-based activities and self-evaluations, and faculty are instantly notified to provide their evaluation feedback. The learner is notified the moment their feedback has been submitted. Information on activities and evaluations are available with a few button clicks in pre-configured reports. Reports can be tailored to present your data in nearly any way.

Supporting iPhones, Androids, and all major web browsers, T-Res lets users choose the best means of logging their experiences. Mobile data is sent from the device to the secure T-Res cloud automatically, provided an internet connection is found at some point through data or Wi-Fi.

T-Res is exceptionally flexible, allowing for the recording of differently-structured activities customized to match existing forms, or improving upon them. T-Res is customized to fit the needs of specialized disciplines and programs, and is a proven tool used by medical programs ranging from Surgery to Psychiatry. Over 5 million T-Res activities have been entered by thousands of users in hundreds of programs across the world.

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